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How BaaS Vulnerability on Mobile applications Leaking 100 million records from Google’s Firebase database

June 24th, 2018|

Cloud-based applications uniquely demand architecture and more strict security configuration, on which developers might be loose the focus. Insufficient security setup and direct access to the database on the backend have become a prominent factor of a massive data breach. Often hackers will target your database for malicious attacks, trying to steal or modify sensitive pieces of information. In June 2018, thousands of mobile applications are leaking 100 million records because of insufficient security configuration. Mobile Threat Team (MTT) researchers from Appthority firm discovered that these mobile applications developers' fail to secure their back-end Firebase endpoints properly. The Firebase stores data in JSON format and synced it in the real-time with all connected mobile clients. The Google's Firebase - a Backend-as-a-Service Google's Firebase service is top ten most popular (because it is real-time) cloud database hosted and Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) option for developers to store user authentication details and other data [...]

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