2006, 2018

DNA Testing Site’s experience leaks for its 92 million registered users

Recently, DNA testing packages gifts are shifting more popular. This ancestry testing business has grown into a $99 million industry. However, the next enigma is the sensitivity of the DNA information they collect has boosted privacy alarms. Unfortunately, for now, DNA results from genetic testing not covered under HIPAA. Why a DNA data breach is [...]

1406, 2018

Stealthy and Desctructive VPNFilter malware infecting more than half a million routers

A researcher team from Cisco found there are more than half a million router has infected by stealthy malware dubbed as VPNFilter. The researcher team called Talos have said that VPNFilter is more powerful man-in-the-middle attack which can survive over device reboot. Defined as three-stage malware, VPNFilter currently has infected over 54 countries, the number [...]

2806, 2017

What You Didn’t Know about Petya Ransomware

On 27 June 2017 one day before Ukraine public holiday, noted as the beginning attack of another variant of Petya ransomware attacking Ukraine business. Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Rozenko Pavlo tweeted a picture of a computer that had been infected by ransomware also of “network felt down” message.  This attack time noted as the beginning of [...]

1706, 2017

Never Worry about Ransomware Again

Ransomware is malicious software which prevents users to access their files until a victim pay the ransom in exchange for decryption keys. Similar to a trojan and virus, ransomware spread through emails or other, including vulnerabilities found on the target device. Upon infecting, Ransomware encrypts users' data and demand a varying amount of ransom payment [...]

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